SpineHealthie App

Patient satisfaction and performance following adoption of a mobile application for tracking post-operative outcomes

In-person post-operative follow-ups are a laborious process for both the patient and the healthcare team. Two (2) weeks after surgery, patients are advised to return to the clinic and at six (6) months for a reexamination. Between clinic visits, nurses will coordinate smaller check-ups with patients via telephone. This follow-up system wastes time and energy of both the patient and healthcare providers. It limits the amount of patient’s health information that can be collected. Thus, there needs to be a system where these resources (time and energy) are geared towards improving patient’s satisfaction with their care and collecting comprehensive outcome data (drug adherence) that could be of educational use. 

The SpineHealthie mobile health application is designed to replace post-operative in-person follow-ups and streamline communication between healthcare providers and patients in the Neurological Surgery department of medicine. The application will allow patients to voice their health concerns, ask questions and input post-operative recovery updates with healthcare providers through follow-up surveys and the chat feature. We hypothesize that close follow-up performed at the leisure of the patient leads to higher levels of patient satisfaction and improves long-term patient post-operative outcomes. 

Once a potential participant consents to the research study, they will be able to set up their account and begin updating their pre-operative and post-operative personal details. Their healthcare provider can track their status concurrently via the application without having to telephone them.  

As the study progresses, the application will go through several iterations. Surveys will be disseminated to users intermittently during the period of the study to gauge and determine factors that impact users’ satisfactions with the application. Feedback will be considered when upgrading the application with features such as adding an alert notification to inform participants to complete their follow-up forms.